Why It's Not Good to Use Unlicensed Windows


The financial crisis experienced by Americans today, as well as the dire economic straits that other countries are immersed in, this is cause most people to resort to certain alternatives in order to cut costs. Schools and households cut down on food and electricity consumption and the likes. Large corporations opt to pirate software programs. This is pretty understandable, but it is not advisable.

According to a study sponsored by Microsoft, companies that are using unlicensed copies of Windows are more susceptible to technological glitches which may cause them to lose customer data, as well as their own. The rationale behind this is the likelihood that the people behind the unauthorized tampering of the media inserted other stuff into it, thus altering certain features of the program.

Although the fact that it is Microsoft itself who sponsored the study, the results that came out were still believed to be valid. Thus, large corporations are advised to stop patronizing unlicensed Windows so as to avoid the inevitable difficulties that will arise if they continue to make use of unlicensed Windows.

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