WHO Declares Smartphone Use as "Possibly Carcinogenic"

The World Health Organization has released a study conducted by leading cancer and radiation researchers about whether wireless communications being carried by smartphones are carcinogenic. Although the findings indicate that more data are needed to draw a definite conclusion, the group has given it a 2B rating: “Possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Take note that the word used was “possibly,” not “probably” and “definitely.” There are studies currently being conducted that can show the link between cancer and smartphone use, but it would take more time and larger scope for health officials to confidently declare that there is a definite link. The problem, however, is that such studies are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to design. For one, wireless technology quickly changes over the last 10 years, making it hard to isolate one part of it as a carcinogen.

Just to make sure, do not hold your smartphone next to your head all day. Also, keep in in airplane mode when not in use. However, do not forget that you have wireless gadgets you need to attend.

Source: IARC.fr, via CrunchGear

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