Whistler 1788 Battery Powered Radar Detector

Whistler 1788 Battery Powered Radar Detector

The Whistler 1788 is different from other radar detectors out in the market because it it is cordless and it operates on batteries. It comes with a built-in battery charger and a home charger to lessen the hassle of having the batteries in full capacity. The large battery pack makes the unit run more efficiently. It has no duty cycle, which reduces the effectiveness of a cordless detector.

The LCD display is large and has blue backlighting. Its design features chrome buttons on a titanium-colored top housed in an all-black casing. This makes the Whistler 1788 an eye candy.

The convenience of it being cordless makes installation easier. It comes with windshield suction mounts and dashboard mounts. It also has the following: volume control, mute button, and signal strength indicator, one can adjust the backlight and it also has a setting saver feature. The unit features three city modes and a highway mode. Each mode determines the level of sensitivity.

In general, it performs up to par compared to some of the corded detectors out in the market.

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