Whill Model Ci For Assisted Personal Mobility

A lot of people with difficulties moving around can have their lives seem limited in what they can do or achieve. Not being able to walk can make other people think that they can do less than their potential. Technology has always been a partner for a lot of people who seem to have such experiences. Gadgets like the new Whill Model Ci offers more than just a convenience. They offer people who really need them hope.

The Whill Model Ci is a personal electric vehicle or PEV that enables people who have problems with mobility to be able to move around. Some may see it as an electric wheelchair, but it does more than that. The Whill Model Ci  a sleek design and also incorporates app-enabled driving for added independence for riders. There are multiple driving modes available that will match the driver’s riding style as well as comfort level when moving around.

The Whill Model Ci also features patented front omni-wheels that come with two powerful motors that enable it to move smoothly in city streets as well as in off-road terrain.it can go at a top speed of 5mph and with lithium ion batteries that can provide a 10-mile range when being used.  Advanced driving features include a joystick for precise maneuverability especially in indoor areas. The three components of the Whill Model Ci can also be disassembled so that it can be stored and transported easily.  The Whill Model Ci is currently available for pre-order at several selected resellers.

Image Source: Whill

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