What’s So Sustainable About a Cardboard Computer?

Recompute Cardboard Desktop Computer

The makers behind Recompute, touted to be the world’s first computer encased in cardboard, have announced that they are beginning to mass produce their sustainable desktop computer.

The reason why Recompute is tagged as “sustainable” because its cardboard casing is recyclable and that’s just about it.  However, not everyone is delighted about this novel idea.

“A cardboard PC is just the epitome of foolishness,” said David Coldeway of Crunch Gear while listing reasons to support his beliefs.  For one, the cardboard case would retain heat that would eventually limit the life of the computer’s components.  Plus, imagine what will happen if Recompute gets wet in case of a flood or catches fire?

“If they’re just cashing in on the fact that green sells right now, then we can just put them in the pile with Asus, whose transparently un-green ‘bamboo laptop‘ creates only the thinnest veneer of ecological awareness,” Coldeway added.

The arguments may be strong, but we are pretty sure Recompute will have its share in the PC market.  After all, like he said, green sells right now.

Interested buyers must register to Recompute’s official site to get updated on availability and pricing.

Image source:  Recompute

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