What You Need to Know About the New iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 was recently announced and a lot has been said about its new features. However, there is more to the iPhone 4 than just FaceTime or its ultra-high resolution screen. Let’s take a closer look to the new updates put into the iPhone.

The form – The iPhone 4’s body has a flatter back and a more square look compared to the slick designs of its predecessors. The glasses on both sides are said to be as strong as sapphire; they can deform without breaking. Meanwhile, the steel rim of the iPhone 4 is in fact its antenna. The phone measures 4.5 x 2.31 x 0.37 inches and weighs 137 grams (a bit heavier than the 3Gs).

The display – This phone features a 3.5-inch “Retina” IPS LCD with 960 by 640 resolution. It also has 326 pixels per inch, a higher pixel count compared to most phones. The contrast ratio is also high at 800:1. This means that the screen is one of the sharpest, if not the sharpest, in the market.

The cameras – The iPhone 4 not only comes with a new front-facing camera, but also with an upgraded 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, which even comes with backside illumination as well as an LED flash.

FaceTime – With the two cameras, video chat becomes possible, which Apple calls FaceTime. What’s the difference between FaceTime and video calling from other phones? FaceTime works on “anywhere there is WiFi.” However, this feature only works between iPhone 4 units for now.

iOS 4 – The new phone also comes with a new OS called the iOS 4. Users can now search using Bing as well as read digital books with iBooks.

The insides – The iPhone 4 runs on an A4 processor, the same one found in the iPad. Apple claims that the new phone has 40% longer battery life thanks to the proficient performance of its processor, not to mention its larger battery. A single battery charge is enough for 7 hours of 3G talk, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi, 10 hours of watching videos, or 300 hours of standby time. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 also has a new 3-axis gyroscope, making it ideal for gaming that involves motion controls.

The new iPhone 4 will hit the shelves of the United States, France, Germany, Japan, and United Kingdom on June 24. It will come in black or white, as well as a US$199 AT&T contract for a 16GB version and $299 for the 32GB model. Full price with no contract cots $599 and $699 respectively. The rest of the world will enjoy the iPhone 4 beginning July.

Source: MobileCrunch

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