What is Apple Planning on 09-09-09?

Apple Event in 09-09-09

Using a popular Rolling Stones song as its tagline, Apple is organizing an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California, on September 9, 2009.  The question is:  What is it all about?

Although some tech bloggers could tell that the event could be related to the iPod, or at least concerns music, the hush-hush nature of the affair raise various speculations.  What products or programs will be launched?  What activities will be conducted?  Will Apple founder Steve Jobs ever attend?

We have scoured through various sources and here are some scenarios that are most likely and least expected to happen at the 09-09-09:

An introduction of iPods with cameras – Selected versions of the iPod, particularly the Nano and the Touch, will have new variations that feature cameras.  Some Apple insiders believe that the camera will be the same as the 3.2-megapixel kind we see on the iPhone 3G.  It is yet unsure whether the classic iPod will have its own camera.

Apple will not introduce the iPad, yet – The long-rumored Apple’s incarnation of a tablet computer will not yet surface at the event, although it is said that it may be introduced before the year ends.

Steve Jobs might be there – He has returned to the company after a five-month leave of absence due to health reasons.  However, not only his special appearance would unite the crowd, he may also has another thing up his sleeve, creating tension and excitement among Apple fans.

A new iTunes might appear – An updated version of iTunes, decked with social networking features and a cloud-based playlist, may be introduced during the affair.

No new iPods will be introduced – Apart from the new iPod Nano and Touch with cameras, there could be no new iPods that will debut.

Do not expect any upgrade on the iPod Classic – It is pretty telling that the first-generation iPod may not receive any upgrade and could be relegated on the sidelines, transforming into a storage device rather than a preferred media player.

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