Wet Circuits Water Resistant Power Strip

It is common knowledge that water and electricity don’t mix. If they do find their way to each other, things happen with disastrous results. This is especially true with power outlets. You may need to stay on the safe side by keeping water away from power outlets to avoid getting electrocuted. But this may no longer an issue if you have a Wet Circuits Water Resistant Power Strip.

The Wet Circuits Power Strip may just be the safest power outlet you can have near water. Its unique feature is that it is water resistant and may still work around wet areas without having the risk of short circuiting or electrocution. It uses technology that minimizes the flow of electricity when it comes into contact with water. This same technology may allow devices plugged into it to function even while protecting you from being electrocuted when the outlet accidentally gets wet. The Wet Circuits Power Strip also features touch, spark and overheat protection to further make it even safer to use. This unique power outlet is available Wet Circuits for US$35.

Image Source: Wet Circuits

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