Western Digital My Book 3.0 Desktop External Drive Gets Reviewed

Western Digital My Book 3.0

Only a few electronic devices are testing SuperSpeed USB 3.0, one of which is the My Book 3.0 Desktop External Drive from Western Digital

Despite the My Book 3.0 having USB 3.0, it is backwards-compatible and can function with older USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports.

Meanwhile, PC World has recently gotten hold of the 1TB version, which is now available, and their reviews are promising.

With USB 3.0’s speed of up to 4.8Gbps, 10 times that of USB 2.0, the limitations in the drive’s 3.0Gbps speed capability causes data to "bottleneck," making the ten-fold promise more like three-fold in real life.  Nevertheless, real-time speed is faster than what we have become accustomed.

The My Book 3.0 1TB version costs US$179.99 alone and $199.99 with a PCIe USB 3.0 adapter card.  Meanwhile, the 2TB version will become available in late January.

Image source:  Western Digital

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