Western Digital 1TB My Book AV DVR Expander

Digital Video Recorders or DVR’s have become quite a common device used by people who don’t want to miss out on their favorite shows on TV. But recording in HD quality can take up considerable storage space. That is why there are devices such as the Western Digital My Book DVR Expander to add up valuable storage space seamlessly on your DVR.

The Western Digital My Book DVR Expander is compatible with TiVo as well as Dish Network and DirectTV DVR’s and comes with 1TB storage space that is capable of storing up to 120 hours of HD television programming. The My Book DVR Expander can also be used as a camcorder storage device where footage from compatible camcorders can be transferred into My Book without the need of a PC. The built-in drive makes use of Western Digital’s GreenPower Technology that allows it to produce very little heat as well as designed for use 24-7. It also offers both USB and eSATA connections. The new WD My Book DVR Expander is available at Western Digital for US$150.

Image Source: Western Digital

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