WePad Interface Revealed to German Media

Several weeks before its big July release, the makers of WePad introduced its interface to the German press and it seems that a lot of people are impressed.

The home screen, for instance, is peppered with widget, but what surprised a lot of the witnesses was the speedy performance of this Linux-based product. Apart from that, the WePad (whose name sounds like a direct jab on the iPad) as multitasking powers, Flash support, SD card slot, USB, and access to Android Marketplce.

The WePad will be available in two different models: The WiFi version with 16GB memory will cost around 449 euro (about US$598), while the fully-decked 32GB version with 3G, GPS, and a full HD 1080p display will be sold for 596 euros (about US$794) Full availability will be announced after the July debut.

Source: CrunchGear

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