Wenger Ueli Steck Titanium Knife

Wenger has recently introduced a new type of pocket knife well suited for use by climbers. The new Wenger Ueli Steck Titanium knife is designed for the extreme conditions of the mountains and is armed with a set of useful tools designed for such environments. After all, it was designed by professional mountaineer and speed climber Ueli Steck, from whom the new Wenger Titanium Knife is also named after.

The Wenger Ueli Steck Titanium Knife is has its 65mm serrated blade 50 percent thicker than other standard blades. It comes with 6 other functions that might come in handy, both in the mountains as well as in normal everyday conditions. It comes with a set of screwdrivers, a metal saw, metal file, wire stripper, can opener and a 1/4 inch bit adapter. The Wenger Ueli Steck Titanium Knife is expected to be available in April and may cost around US$200.

Image Source: Wenger

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