WeeWow: iPhone Turns Into Talk Box

>We all know by now that you can turn your iPhone into anything with the help of accessories. Panoramic camera? Yes, you can. Desktop phone? Sure. Pepper spray canister? Yep, even that.

Another iPhone accessory is being funded through Kickstarter that would delight fans of autotune and vocaloid. WeeWow fits into the iPhone’s bottom side and a tube is placed underneath it. Place the tube into your mouth and, with the help of your lips and teeth, you can talk through the phone like T-Pain.

Ridiculo.us, the team behind WeeWow, explains that the accessory makes use of iPhone’s sound-making capabilities. You can also use any sound app with the WeeWow for that robotic effect.

Kyle Scheele of Ridiculo.us admitted that the big idea came while he was covering a phone’s speaker while using it. After playing around with the speaker by covering and uncovering it, he then put the phone into his mouth. The result is a “wow-wow-wow” noise similar to what is created on a talk box (and a phone dripping in drool). Scheele create a prototype in just five days.

As of this posting, WeeWow is just below $2,100–far from its $16,000 funding goal. You can help reach their goal by pledging at least $25 for a pre-order, with your choice of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 version. The devices are expected to be shipped in June, if fully funded.

Source: Ridiculo.us, via Mashable

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