Weekend Clock

weekend clock

If you are the type who can’t wait for the weekend to come, then you may just want to have the Weekend Clock beside you always.

The cool thing about having clocks is that you get to track time. And with newer and innovative technologies, they have evolved into digital ones. But what if you want to have a clock that tells you how many more days, hours, minutes and even seconds it is before the weekend?

That is why we have the Weekend Clock. Yup, it’s hip, it’s cool and it’s truly awesome. Of course, this has the workings of a standard clock. All you have to do is set it off when your weekend begins. Just the day and time. In short, this can be handy to those whose weekends are at the middle of the week. Though we have to warn you, having this clock may make you stare at it always.

This clock comes in two different colors: black and white. It can be purchased online at www.lazybone.com.uk. And it costs at about $29.95. Now, how cool can that be?

Image source: www.coolest-gadgets.com

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