Wedge Mobile Keyboard For Upcoming Windows 8 Tablets

Many people are highly anticipating the introduction of the new Windows 8 tablets. Perhaps no one is getting more excited about it than Microsoft itself. It is eyeing the new Windows 8 tablets to be highly sought out devices when it comes out that it has already developed other hardware to go with it. One of them is this beautiful Wedge Mobile Keyboard.

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is designed for use with the upcoming Windows 8 tablets. It is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that offers a full-size keyboard option for those who prefer typing the traditional way. It also comes with its own built-in Windows Hot Keys and media buttons for added convenience.

What makes the Wedge Mobile Keyboard even more useful is that it comes with a durable keyboard cover that also acts as a tablet stand, making it a more convenient setup for tablet users when the need is required. Attaching the cover to the keyboard also automatically powers it down, conserving on precious power. The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard will be made available soon along with the other products developed specifically for Windows 8 devices. It is expected to cost around US$80.

Image Source: Microsoft

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