Weather Alert Emergency Handcrank Radio

In cases of emergencies and natural disasters, many things can happen. There are times when prolonged emergencies can lead to power outages. Aside from food, water and shelter, getting timely news is important if you are within a disaster area. This becomes even more of a problem if people are in the dark with what is happening around them. In such cases, the radio becomes the main source of news. But what if you do not have power at home to listen to the radio? This new Weather Alert Emergency Handcrank Radio will make sure that you have the news and information when you need it.

The Weather Alert Emergency Handcrank Radio is a handy device to have during emergencies. Even though you are experiencing power outages, this device practically powers itself up with a little manual help. It features a hand crank that, when turned, generates electricity to power up the device. Its handle also has a solar panel that charges up the unit using sunlight. A minute’s worth of sunlight can offer up to 10-15 minutes of power. If not, using one AAA battery will also make the device work for you.

The Weather Alert Emergency Handcrank features useful functions during emergencies like a flashlight, a red flashing beacon and a USB port for charging your portable devices. It comes with a casing with a lining that glows in the dark to make it easier to find in the dark. Not only that, it also comes with an AM/FM radio as well as NOAA weather band station that provides users with updated weather reports. Setting the radio on “Alert” will automatically enable the radio to broadcast emergency weather alerts to give you time to evacuate when needed. The Weather Alert Emergency Handcrank Radio is a handy device to have around, especially during emergencies. It is available at Sharper Image for US$60.

Image Source: Sharper Image

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