Wayfinder Navigator 8

WayFinder Navigator 8

The Wayfinder 8 is the latest satellite-navigation software that you can install on your mobile phone that runs under Windows Mobile 6 Professional as well as Blackberry. All the maps are stored on a server and you can download the maps you want when you want them. Subscription to the service costs roughly US$74 for 12 months or roughly US$89 for 3 years.

Since all the data are stored outside of your phone, it does not take too much space and does not sacrifice the performance of your mobile phone once you calculate possible routes.

You can go to Wayfinder’s companion website MyWayfinder, and you can add your favorite destinations and then synchronize it on your phone to download the location. Wayfinder Navigator 8 can also let you publish your location through a Facebook application and through Google Earth with its tracking utility.

Maps are downloadable in both 2D and 3D modes. They are clear to the eye even while using the smallest of handset screens. The route layout is clearly indicated with a thick red line, while points-of-interest like gas stations appear as colorful callouts.

However, some essential information you are used to in a mobile navigator are not included in this program such as ETA, distance remaining, or the name of the next street; but you can deal away with those.

Wayfinder also has its share of weaknesses. For one, multi-point routing is not applicable here. Also, the program does not provide you with recommendations in finding the best route around a roadblock or traffic jam ahead, although it can recalculate your new route for you and stray off track.

The cost for added extras is a hassle as well, leaving you to pay a hefty premium price in order to get locations of speed cameras and traffic information, which you can get at other services for a fraction of the price that Wayfinder offers.

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