Waverly Ambassador Personal Interpreter

 Traveling is always an exciting adventure and experience. But sometimes, people are prevented from exploring the world because of certain challenges such as communication. Going to a destination where you do not know the language can be quite challenging indeed. You can always rely on technology to address such challenges. The new Waverly Ambassador Personal Interpreter can be a welcome companion for any world traveler out there. 

The Waverly Ambassador Personal Interpreter comes in a shape of a portable earpiece. Users then pair it with a smartphone downloaded with the accompanying app. The device then “listens” to any person talking in a different language within its range and then automatically translates it into the user’s native language. The Waverly Ambassador Personal Interpreter makes use of advanced far-field microphone array to capture normal speech with incredible levels of clarity. It then compresses and transmits the signals to its cloud-based neural network engines to recognize, translate, and synthesize the speech into the user’s language. This way it can deliver fast, fluid and accurate translations at any time. 

The Waverly Ambassador Personal Interpreter can function as a personal interpreter or can also stream to a wider audience through a paired sound system or loudspeaker. It can also work as a shared translator between two different language speakers and understand each other better. Up to 4 units of the Waverly Ambassador Personal Interpreter can be paired to a smartphone for a smooth sharing experience. This unique personal translator is available for pre-order for $109 on Indiegogo . It is expected to ship sometime in November of this year. 

Image Source: Indiegogo

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