Watt Time Lightbulb Clock

Watt Time Light bulb Clock

Watt Time takes the familiar shape of the classic light bulb and incorporated it into your alarm clock – thus the name; Watt Time? Get it?

Watt Time is made of high gloss, hard plastic which lets the digital time and date glow through the "bulb’s" outer wall. The time and date is illuminated by bright blue LED display. To turn the alarm off, or if you need "5 more minutes" which I’m sure you do, the snooze button is easily accessible at the top of the bulb’s socket end.

And if the sounds are not enough to wake you, the bulb alarm clock actually has a lighting function that you can set to illuminate when you alarm goes off.

As for all the buttons, they are all discreetly hidden on the back of the bulb to keep the bulb’s design. You can now pre-order the light bulb at Quirky for $24.99.

Image source: Quirky

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