Water Powered Shower Radio

Showers are your personal private time that you can spend as long as you choose. But you can also make it more worthwhile while listening to some music or news on the radio. But not all radios may be ideal for use inside showers. The new and unique Water Powered Radio may offer a better option.

Why not listen to the news or music on an FM radio that not only is waterproof but also runs on water pressure? That is essentially what the Water Powered Radio is all about. It is powered by the energy produced by water running through your shower pipes.

You install this unique FM radio can easily be installed in line with your shower hose. The water that runs through it turns the radio’s micro turbine and the generator that produces the energy to power the radio. It is also capable storing excess energy produced while showering that will allow you to continue using the radio after you’ve finished your shower. The Water Powered Shower Radio is available for pre-order at Gizoo for 35 UK Pounds or around US$57. It is slated to be available in March of this year.

Image Source: Gizoo

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