Water Powered Alarm Clock

Water Powered Alarm Clock

Going green has become a popular ideology among the many people who want to save the planet from utter ecological destruction. And for such people, doing even the smallest deed for the same purpose can go a long way. That is why using more and more eco-friendly devices and products become an all too common goal for many.

For those people who choose to "go green", having an interesting water-powered alarm clock would do quite well. This nifty gadget is powered by a water powered battery instead of the usual ones that can be a source of pollution once they run out of power and then improperly disposed. This alarm clock does away with such problems by using a power source renewable by a simple addition of water.

The water powered alarm clock is a multi-function clock powered by a renewable battery that works when water is added. This eco-friendly alarm clock makes use of two electrodes made of specially formulated alloys that creates an electrochemical reaction when immersed in water, producing enough power to put the alarm clock to life.

What makes this alarm clock unique is that the different functions can be used by simple rotating the clock at 90-degree turns. Tip it on one side and it becomes an alarm clock. Tip it the other way and it becomes either a stop watch or a thermometer.

What makes this alarm clock also special is that its water-filled battery can last for about 2 to 3 months on a single filling. Renewing the battery power can be as easy as refilling it with water. The water battery of the said clock also has an estimated continuous life of about 2 years. Leaving the clock in its dry state at times can also help prolong its life. All its components are also entirely recyclable so users need not feel guilty of contributing to the waste once the clock has done its job. The clock is available at Amazon for US$25.


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