Water and Light Show Sprinkler

The Water And Light Show SprinklerMany people care for gardens because they love creating an environment of plants within sight. A green scenery helps make any home even more homely and relaxing. Gardens can even make homes look nicer from the outside. A well-cared for garden is a man-made nature spectacle. Garden owners can even improve this spectacle by using the Water and Light Show Sprinkler.

The Water and Light Show Sprinkler is a special sprinkler that do not just water your valuable flowers and plants. This sprinkler casts a color-changing spray as it waters your garden. This effect is made possible by the use of LED bulbs powered by a turbine generator that generates power whenever water passes through the hose. The power is enough to make the LED’s light up, creating a wonderful water and light show for anyone who cares to look.

The Water and Light Show Sprinkler can create a light show in seven different patterns. This unique sprinkler produces a mist of water that will not cause harm to delicate plants and flower petals. The Water and Light Show Sprinkler is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $60.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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