Wash Your Hands Using Plasma Gas

Plasma Hand Sanitizer

We have seen how cold plasma enables to kill the bacteria within our teeth in just minutes.  What more if it could kill the bacteria on our body?

Several laboratories are working on device that could disinfect your hands—or feet—and get rid of industrial-grade bacteria like MRSA, which is highly-resistant to antibiotics.  These types of devices could easily find their way in hospitals and factories, where lingering bacteria, viruses, and bacteria can be eliminated in seconds compared to traditional soap scrubbing.  Prototypes are now being developed, which cost just less than US$100 to build.

Plasma technology has indeed come a long way.  In the old days, cold plasma was used to disinfect medical equipment, but people were too afraid to use it on human tissue because it takes thousands of volts to generate it.  But one leap of faith by one researcher proved that the technology can also be used on humans as he put his naked thumb into a jet of cold plasma.

What is the next step in the cold plasma technology?  Researchers are trying to incorporate cold plasma into air conditioners, aiming to kill air-borne microbes.  They also theorize that the technology could hold the key to curing various diseases, including cancer, but they want to make sure that it would not be toxic in the long run.

Source:  New York Times , via DVICE

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