Walmart further slashes iPhone 5C to $45

Walmart offers further price cuts to iPhone 5C

Walmart offers further price cuts to iPhone 5C

Walmart has become the go-to place for low-priced iPhones as the discount department store has lowered the price of iPhone 5C even further to just $45 with a two-year contract of the carrier of your choice.

The store previously offered the iPhone 5C for $79, which is $20 below Apple’s suggested retail price. So why slash the price by another $35? It probably has to do with Best Buy’s current offer of $50 for the iPhone 5C, a part of the rival retailer’s $50 gift card promotion.

The difference is that Best Buy’s discount will only last through the weekend, while Walmart promises that “customers can expect this low price throughout the holiday season.” So you can stack up on iPhone 5C’s you can gift your friends in the festive season.

This is not the first time Walmart has cut prices off contract-bound iPhones. In June, the retailer cut the price tags of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

These price offs on iPhones spell a big change on Apple, as it previously limited the degree to which retailers can put discounts on Apple products. A lower price point would also encourage cost-conscious consumers to get a hold of the entry-level iPhone at a big discount.

This offer also does not indicate that iPhone 5C is not selling well, especiall with the news from Apple that it has sold over 9 million units of iPhone 5S and 5C in its first weekend. It is more about being able to make money from offering new carrier contracts to customers.

Meanwhile, Walmart still sells the iPhone 5S for $189.

Source: Mashable

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