Wake up and smell the bacon with Oscar Mayer’s alarm app

Oscar Mayer bacon alarm

Oscar Mayer Wake Up and Smell the Bacon alarm

There is nothing more arousing than the scent of bacon to get you going in the morning. Oscar Mayer, the leading authority in meaty breakfast foods, has launched an alarm app that simulates the sweet sound of frying bacon. However, the “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” app could only do so much, so the company introduces a small gadget that sprays bacon fragrance when the alarm starts to sizzle.

Similar to Scentee, this device attaches to the iPhone’s headphone jack and releases bacon aroma to get you rise up from bed. While the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon alarm app is free, the fragrance-emitting device are available in limited quantities. The only way to get one of those is to win it through a sweepstakes over at the Oscar Mayer website. Answer three simple questions for a chance to your very own bacon-scented alarm device and become an “Official Bacon Beta Tester.”

The alarm app is only available on iTunes. Android and Windows Phone users may have to settle for more vegan wake up calls.

Source: Engadget

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