Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale

Weighing scales can be a friend or an enemy to some people. There are people who just love the fulfillment of their weight loss efforts every time they look at the weighing scale. There are also others who dread doing so for fear of knowing their true weight. But no matter where people stand, weighing scales simply tell the truth. And when its effective weight measuring and tracking is needed, this new Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale would pretty much help.

The Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale is a high tech weighing scale that now syncs with your smartphone to give it some added features. Use with your favorite weight management app and you get to monitor and track weight changes that you experience over a certain period of time. It comes with an internal memory that can store up to 130 weight data and can also accommodate different profiles for up to 16 different users. The Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale is expected to be available by the first week of December. It is currently available for pre-order at US$100.

Image Source: Wahoo

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