Vye Mini V S18P Laptop

Vye Mini V S18P laptop

The Vye Mini V S18P is one of the new mobile device that is in between a large tablet PC and small PDA or an ultraportable mobile PC. Although small in terms of its dimensions, the Mini V is in no way as small in terms of performance.

The Vye Mini V can be considered as an ultraportable in terms of its size. With dimensions measuring just 21.8 cm wide, 16.3 cm in length and 3.3 thick, it surely is quite portable and handy to bring along just about anywhere. Vye weight just 960 grams.  It may be small, but it provide a wide range of functionality comparable to that of even the basic laptop.

The Vye Mini V S18P uses a 500 MHz AMD Geode processor with 1GB DDR SDRAM capable of running on 333 MHz. Its built in hard drive is capable for 120 GB worth of data storage along with support for flash memory cards such as SD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick and MultiMediaCard flash memory formats.

Its hardware is capable enough of running full office applications as well as watch films on or listen to favorite your favorite audio files. The Vye Mini V S18P provides the functions of a conventional notebook but in a size of just a typical organizer. A notebook PC can’t get any more portable than that.

 Image Source: vyeupc.com 

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