Vufine Handsfree Wearable Display

VufineWe have heard many things about wearable displays and how they will revolutionize the way people “see” things. But devices like the Google Glass have come and gone. None has so far made even a dent or created ripples despite the extensive excitement they garnered when they came out. One of the reasons may be the cost as these wearable displays can be quite expensive to own. It is not surprising since you are essentially wearing a stand alone computer. But will a more affordable alternative make it is the market? That is what the Vufine Handsfree Wearable Display aims to find out.

The Vufine Handsfree Wearable Display may be just a typical wearable display that many have already seen and heard about. But there is something different in the way its makers tackled its development. The aim was to create a wearable display that is comfortable and convenient to use and yet also affordable. So they came up with a wearable device that you can connect to existing devices with an HDMI connection. People carry technology with them anywhere anyway. So they created the wearable display that becomes an accessory to these gadgets and not as a stand-alone device. That way, people can use the Vufine with the familiarity of using technology that they already understand.

The Vufine Handsfree Wearable Display features a a headset that comes with a virtual screen that displays video in 720p resolution. It also comes with a magnetic docking station that allows users to attach it into any type of eye wear conveniently. The display can easily be adjusted to the most ideal viewing angle without disturbing the stability of the device you wear. The Vufine also comes with internal batteries as well as a micro-USB slot for attaching external power when needed. The micro-HDMI slot allows users to connect it to any of their existing device that supports such a connection.

Users of the Vufine need not acquaint themselves with the Vufine since it will work with any of the existing devices people use as a supplementary gadget. And because of this, having a Vufine may not be that heavy on the pocket. The earliest adopters of the device were able to get one for a $99 pledge on Kickstarter at the start of the company’s crowd funding campaign. But all the slots are already taken. If you are interested in owning one, you can get it now for a pledge of $149. The first batch of devices is expected to ship sometime this November.
Image Source: Kickstarter

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