Vue Personal Wireless Video Network

Vue Wireless Camera

Surveillance cameras have become an important part of many households that value security. But in most cases, some fail to have them because it can be quite complicated to install. But the Vue Personal Wireless Video Network can make it easy for homes to have their own video surveillance set up conveniently.

The Vue Personal Wireless Video Network makes it easier for people to install a security camera in their homes. It allows remote viewing through the Internet. The wireless gateway is plugged into the router and wirelessly connect two wireless cameras. The cameras themselves are easy to place anywhere since they come with peel and stick magnetic mounts. This is the basic setup but the wireless gateway can accommodate up to 50 cameras. Just place the camera within 300 feet of the gateway and they stay connected all the time.

The wireless cameras have their own internal batteries that can last for up to a year of continuous use. Users can then view what the wireless camera sees online through the VueZone site. First year of use is free although a monthly fee may be charged on the second year onwards. The basic Vue Personal Wireless Video Network is priced at US$300 and is available at VueZone.

Image Source: VueZone


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