VTech LS6245 Cordless Phone System

VTech LS6245 Cordless Phone System

VTech introduces the very innovative LS6245 Cordless Phone System, which creates a virtual two-line phone system using a standard DECT 6.0 wireless phone and a Bluetooth connection for your smartphone.  Now you can take a wireless phone call using the base unit’s speaker phones and do a cellphone call through its remote-like handset. 

Users can also connect two cellular phones to the VTech LS6245 at the same time, with the first cellular phone call be routed into the cordless phone unit, providing you with a secure and interference-free call.  You could also pair it up with up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices all at the same time.  With that, you can have affordable, advanced, and sleek home communications solution that avoids the usual problems of using cellphones at home such as dropped calls and poor call quality.

Meanwhile, the VTech LS6245 is designed to add a high-end touch to any room, with sleek, button-free, and touch-sensitive interface both on the handset and base unit keypads.  It has a high-gloss, metallic black finish with a reverse color LCD display and luminous white keypad for a stylish yet easy viewing.

You can even expand your wireless phone system with up to 12 handsets, using a separately-sold LS6204, which only requires a single phone jack at the base station.  The VTech LS6245 is available at its online store and Best Buy retail stores for only $80, while the LS6204 handset is available at $40 a piece.

Image source:  VTechPhones.com

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