VTech InnoTab MAX Kid’s Tablet

VTech InnoTab MaxKids nowadays are quite fortunate. They now have access to a wide variety of tech toys that they can play with and use as educational tools. The toy market has relied on technology in order to make kids more interested in new toys. Even tablets nowadays are considered toys, especially those designed specifically for kids. The new VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet is just one of them.

The VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet is a new tablet coming out designed for kids. After all, tablets nowadays are not just a gadgets for adults. Even the kids know how to use them. It is just natural to designed tablets that cater to kids for a host of different reasons.

The VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet features a powerful 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a high resolution 7-inch multi-touch screen. It also comes with 8GB of storage with an available microSD card slot for expandable memory of up to 40GB. It also comes with a 180 degree rotating camera.

More than just an entertaining toy, the VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet is also an educational tool that combines the VTech extensive library of age-appropriate educational apps along with learning games from Google Play. The wealth of progressive learning content will enable kids to look at the VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet as a valuable toy and educational tool even as they advance in age. Parental controls also ensure that kids can only access kid-friendly apps and websites as well as limit the time kids spend using the tablet.

The VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet also comes with a tough protective cover as well as a flip and fold stand to make it easy and convenient for kids to use.  It is ideal for kids as early as 3 TO 9 years old. For interested parents, the VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet is now available at the VTech site for $100.

Image Source: VTech

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