Voltaic Systems Solar Laptop Bag

solar bag

With the ever increasing awareness about the environment, manufacturers are coming up with more and more environment-friendly products. The "go green" catchphrase was all around the 2009 CES, where solar bag producer, Voltaic Systems, publicized the release of its laptop charging solar bags. These bags feature a lithium-ion battery inside them as well as adapters for different devices.

Many laptop users have been waiting for this kind of product. The Voltaic Systems Generator Laptop Solar bag features an integrated 14-watt solar panel (a significant upgrade from Voltaic Systems’ current 4-watt bags), allowing you to charge your notebook and other devices such as cell phones and iPods. The first of its kind, the bag generates maximum power within the limited space by using high efficiency solar cells.

The solar bag’s setup appears similar to the current bags in that it is manufactured using fabrics that are made up of recycled soda bottles. This makes the bag tough, waterproof, and resistant to UV. If you’re ready to power up your laptop using solar energy, you’ll have to wait a little longer. The shipping will start later this spring. You can buy one for $599.

Image Source: treehugger.com

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