Voltaic Solar Backpack

Voltaic Solar Backpack

Many of the more popular products today seem to get people’s interest because they just know how to integrate the use of technology. Some of these products need not be something that is quite new in terms of looks or use in order to catch people’s attention. They need not offer something that other products have not in order to generate interest. Some of these products may even be something that have already been around for a long time now. They just need a little bit of repackaging in technology to drum up some new interest.

A solar backpack is such a product that would come to mind. Who would have thought that having a back pack with an embedded solar powered charger would ever get in style? But then, with people going around with various gadgets on hand always requiring power boosts now and then, an accessory such as the Voltaic Solar back pack would just as easily catch on with today’s gadget-loving crowd.

The Voltaic Solar Back Pack sports a set of powerful solar panels embedded on the outside that can generate around 15 watts of power. That is enough to power up a laptop on a sunny day, or any other portable gadget for that matter. Whatever surplus energy the solar panels generate is stored on the customary battery pack which comes with the bags.  The Voltaic Solar Back Pack also comes with standard adaptors commonly used with cell phones and other handheld gadgets, making connectivity with the charger even more convenient. The Voltaic Solar Back Pack can be had for around US$249.

Image Source: Voltaic

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