VoIP Declared "Illegal" in China

A recent report has stated that China’s Ministry of Industry has declared VoIP calling illegal. According to the ministry, about 30 million mainland Chinese are using “illegal VoIP operators” (which some reports pointing to Skype) and has encouraged its billions of citizens to utilize state-owned Chinese carriers instead (China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom) when calling their loved ones in the provinces.

The reason for the crackdown has not been made clear, although some analysts have stated that non-state VoIP services cost less, thus creating a following among spendthrift Chinese.

To make sure that they mean business, the government has even put up a hotline where people can squeal if their neighbor is using illegal telephony.

Representatives of Skype, meanwhile, have not heard any announcement on whether their service is declared illegal in China.

Source: The Inquirer, via CrunchGear

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