VoiceTEXT Lets Drivers Send Text Messages Safely

Texting while driving

You may have seen the very bloody UK-made PSA about the dangers of typing text messages while driving, but some people just could not help it.  In the United States, texting while driving is more popular than calling despite being banned in 19 states.  Good thing researchers over at Clemson University in South Carolina have developed an alternative way to send text messages while keeping your eyes on the road.

The school’s Human Centered Computing Lab has created an app called VoiceTEXT, which allows drivers to speak out over at the phone that sends the voicemail message as an audio file or converts it into text message.

However, this technology works on a “phone-to-phone” basis.  The speech-to-text function, for instance, works flawlessly for smartphones with voice recognition software.  Other phones, meanwhile, would have to send voice messages instead.  We wonder, however, if sending voice messages requires the phone to have an integrated recorder.

The developers hope that their infant technology would gain notice from big time wireless providers or phone manufacturers.

Source:  ZDNet

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