VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Headphones

VM Audio Elux Over-Ear HeadphonesWhen people listen to music or watch a movie, they usually want to be immersed into the experience. Aside from the visuals, having good audio can help do this. Such audio quality is usually only possible with using top of the line sound system to go with your home entertainment set up. But then again, such a setup only makes it possible to have such an experience in one place. But what if you wish to enjoy such sounds while you are walking down the street, riding a train or simply trying to enjoy music out of the house? A good quality headphones is the next best thing that can provide such a wonderful audio experience. One of the best choices that you can have is the new Elux Over-Ear Headphones from VM Audio.

The VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Headphones is one of those good quality headphones that can provide full audio immersion to the user. From high audio performance to comfort, this new VM audio headphones can provide that wonderful sound experience that users can only expect from quality audio systems- be it music, movies or video games.

The new VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Headphones features a pair of 40mm Dynamic Full Range transducers with a sensitivity of 105dB to capture a versatile range of audio frequencies. For powerful bass boosting performance, the VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Headphones features BassX technology to deliver the low frequency audio ranges to stand out.  Passive noise reduction technology helps to block out the background noise that can affect with full sound immersion. When it comes to comfort, AirBass Suspension technology helps provide the ears with added comfort by adding an elastic cushion of air when wearing the over-ear headphones and continue enjoying crisp, bass-boosting audio all day long. The headband is padded with soft leatherette cushion for added comfort. It also comes with a removable multi-strand copper audio cable for easier storage and handling. The headphone frame is made of high strength, but light ABS material to balance out the features of the new VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Headphones. It is available at VM Audio for around $16.

Image Source: VM Audio

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