Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe – Walking Barefoot, But Smart   

While some may not yet be aware of it, but footwear today is going high tech. And no, it is not just about the technology that goes into manufacturing shoes. It is the shoes themselves that are getting, well, smarter. Some of the latest to be introduced in this area of smart footwear include the Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe line.

The Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe is not just an ordinary shoe that you wear. It is a smartshoe that contains a number of fabric-thin pressure sensors provided by the shoemaker’s partner, Sensoria. The Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe itself if designed to provide less interference to natural running or walking as much as possible. It features Vivobarefoot’s 3 mm ultra-thin sole which not only replicates walking barefoot but also provides foot protection as well.

As high tech footwear, the new Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe uses the embedded sensors to collect and record data in relation to one’s natural walking and running habits such as foot landing technique, contact timing, asymmetry and toe engagement, among others. It can also monitor other essential data such as speed, pace, cadence, distance as well as GPS tracking. Based on the collected data that is recorded and streamed to the user’s mobile phone, the Sensoria Run 2.0 app can then provide runners with a way to identify bad running habits and correct them. This can help them improve their running form as well as reduce the risk of injuries. The Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe is expected to be available sometime in the second half of this year. A pair of Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe is expected to cost around $150.

Image Source: Vivobarefoot

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