Vitasigns Digital Body Analyzer Scale

Vitasigns Digital Body Analyzer ScaleHealth becomes an increasingly important issue as we age. It becomes important that we try to monitor our weight and general health condition on a more frequent basis. It helps that we have gadgets that helps us keep track of our health data. One example of the more modern amenities that technology has to offer in health monitoring is the Vitasigns Digital Body Analyzer Scale.

You may consider the Vitasigns Digital Body Analyzer Scale as a souped-up weighing scale. In fact it is no longer called just that. The makers appropriately call it the Digital Body Analyzer Scale. It does more than just take your weight to help you determine your weight loss efforts.

The Vitasigns Digital Body Analyzer Scale not only determines your weight when you step on it. It can also determine your Body Mass Index or BMI as well as your body fat percentage. This unique weighing scale is Bluetooth-enabled and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. When synced with a portable device with the Vitasigns app installed, the health data and information is stored on the app to provide you with an idea of your weight loss progress. It can also help you create weight loss goals to keep you stay fit and maintain your optimum health. The Vitasigns Digital Body Analyzer Scale is available at the Vitagoods site for $170.

Image Source: Vitagoods

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