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Health monitor Device

Health monitor DeviceTrying to take care of your health can sometimes mean having different tools to help you monitor your vital sign. Although that may be taking it too seriously for some, it is essential for someone who might already be having health conditions. Tools like this Vital Sign Tracker can be the difference between a longer life or a shortened one.

The Vital Sign Tracker is a simple yet valuable health monitoring device that can help provide vital sign readings in a matter of seconds. Users only need to keep the device in contact to their skin. Its variety of sensitive sensors can then provide readings for the heart, lung, body temperature and other vital readings in just a matter of 30 seconds.

This palm-sized device can also calculate for a user’s systolic blood pressure without the need of a squeezing cuff. It can also perform an EKG to detect irregular heartbeats. Not only that, the Vital Sign Tracker can also monitor blood oxygenation, thanks to its SpO2 sensor to monitor conditions associated with lung disease and shortness of breath.

The reading results made by the sensors are displayed on the LCD screen of the device. It can also store up to 100 readings for four users that can serve as a health record medical professionals can use to assess a user’s health condition. The Vital Sign Tracker can also pair with a smartphone app to quickly send the readings online to a doctor or family member. The Vital Sign Tracker is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $300.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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