Visioneer Roadwarrior Portable Scanner

visioneer roadwarrior portable scanner

Visioneer Roadwarrior Portable Scanner is the perfect choice for persons whose suitcase and laptop have basically transformed into office. While other will find the idea of bringing truckloads of paperwork in a business trip, Visioneer’s portable scanner helps reduce load by allowing you to bring your paper works with you as scanned files. You can now scan your field reports, receipts, business cards and other paper documents while traveling.

This simple gadget can easily be setup. It weighs less than 500g and is about the size of a rolling pin. USB-powered, the Visioneer has a single button on top which launches the One Touch scanning software. It is also to select or customize a host of preset configurations – such as scan type and output file format – prior to scanning. It can also sense when you’ve inserted an item into the paper feed, and automatically starts scanning.

Turn off the auto feed mechanism can ease up the insertion of sheets of paper in a straight manner, since the scanner isn’t pulling it out of your hand.

The Visioneer RoadWarrior has a fast performance for a USB 2.0-powered scanner. It can scan a black and white document at 200dpi (dots per inch) in 11 seconds. On the other hand, a colored document can be scanned at 150dpi in 38 seconds, which will be saved in Tiff format. It is also proficient at scanning documents into PDF files, including searchable PDFs.

Included in the whole package are a carrying pouch, scanner cleaners and a bundle of software that includes applications for document management. Visioneer RoadWarrior is an advisable gadget as it offers an excellent set of tools for organizing and managing your scanned documents especially when you’re in a hurry for that next flight.

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