Violet RFID Mir:ror, with Micro Rabbits

RFID Mirror

Radio Frequency Identification (or RFID) is not a relatively new technology.  In fact, it has been used in a variety of roles from toll collection to credit card payments.  But this RFID gadget is set to give life to everyday objects.

The Violet RFID Mir:ror is the first consumer RFID reader that connects to your computer via USB 2.0 and recognizes objects on place on it, then performs the tasks you have assigned to them.  For instance, put an umbrella on the mirror and it will give you weather forecasts; place your keys-or even a keychain-on the mirror and it can send an e-mail to your friends and relatives saying that you are back home safe; put a pill box on the mirror and it would remind you of the last time you took your medication.  Such "magical" results become possible by simply affixing the RFID Ztamps to your objects like stickers and your objects become instant interactive items.

This RFID mirror can detect up to four objects at the same time, and can even detect movement to activate its standby mode.  It also comes with a loudspeaker that buzzes you as information is being transferred, as well as 3 color LEDs to dynamically express feedback and information.

The Violet RFID Mir:ror has a rich set of applications and services, and is also designed to be so simple that even young kids can use it.  This empowering and intuitive device can expand the Internet of Things by bringing the magic and power of content, personalization, and interactivity to thousands of inanimate objects in our homes.

Now you ask, what’s the use of those cute rabbits?  They are actually programmable Nano:ztags, micro rabbits that have RFID chips inside.  Like Ztags, you can launch specific tasks and services by simply placing the micro rabbits on top of the mirror.  The Violet RFID Mir:ror is available at US$59.99.

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