Vine Gets “For Adults Only” Rating

Twitter‘s video-sharing app Vine has been slapped with a 17+ rating, making it inaccessible to pre-teens and their senseless antics.

The Apple App Store revised Vine’s rating as the app sent an update to version 1.0.5 on Wednesday. Apart from the adult rating, Vine will also lets users block a profile, as well as the ability to share the video to Twitter and Facebook, an issue that made Vine blocked on Facebook.

Vine’s new rating comes after some users have noticed they can easily search for pornographic clips posted on the app by using the “#porn” hashtag, along with other NSFW terms. One of these videos even ended up at the top of the Editor’s Picks, which was quickly removed and blamed “human error” for it.

The app was launched last month with a 12+ age rating and the new rating was slapped due to, as stated in the app’s new description, “frequent/ intense sexual content or nudity.” Users who opened Vine after the rating update will be asked to confirm their age. Of course, they can lie about their age and Vine has no way of verifying it, but at least the app cannot be faulted on that.

Videos that users deem offensive can be flagged or they can block the person who uploaded it.

Source: PC Magazine

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