ViewSonic Show'n Go 3DV5 HD Camcorder

Camcorders have changed a lot since they first came out. Newer versions have become smaller and more portable even while their features increase and improve. One such example is the ViewSonic Show’n Go 3DV5 HD Camcorder.

The ViewSonic 3D5V HD Camcorder may look quite small to ever pack some neat features. But with 3D features in HD quality video, one can’t quite avoid not getting interested. The ViewSonic 3D5V HD Camcorder is compatible with the NVIDIA Vision Kit for some 3D viewing with the use of 3D shutter glasses. This camcorder is also compatible with most 3D HDTV’s.

The ViewSonic 3D5V HD Camcorder also features a 2.4 inch LCD display that can also provide 3D playback. Its 5 megapixel camera can also take still pictures as well as record video in HD 720p resolution. The VeiwSonic 3D5V 3D HD Camcorder is available at ViewSonic for US$200.

Image Source: ViewSonic

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