The Vievu2 Action Camera

Vievu Action CameraAction cameras have now created a popular market among people who love taking a video record of their adventures and action-filled exploits. But more than that, action cameras have become the preferred gadget by people who simply want to take videos of everyday life and even when going to concerts, music festivals and even just a day on the beach. A distinctive feature for many action cameras is their rugged design that can take a hit and still work. That is why gadgets like the Vievu2 Action Camera will always be a welcome addition into a growing market.

The Vievu2 Action Camera allows real time streaming of video to your smartphone. Unlike the usual action camera worn from a headgear, this body worn video camera features a ruggedized body that utilizes military-grade technology in terms of toughness. Its body is made out of aluminum that is both lightweight and tough. It is also waterproof.

The Vievu2 Action Camera can stream videos wirelessly to your iPhone or Android smartphone. It eliminates the need to transfer videos later on. It can even stream the video through 802.11g/n Wi-Fi networks. This rugged action camera streams video in 1080p HD quality for 90 minutes of recording time. It can also stream in lower resolutions for up to 2 hours with its 16GB of flash storage. The Vievu2 Action Camera is available at the Vievu site for $350.

Image Source: Vievu

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