Vieria Concept Car: The Car That Cleans Air

With cars being blamed for the bulk of air pollution in cities, one that is designed to help clean it would actually be enough to catch attention. The cars of the future may do just that, with a bit of imagination and creativity. Such is the aim of the Vieria Concept Car.

The Vieria Concept Car is the product of two South Korean designers, Gunwoong Kim and Suji Kim, who designed it for the Michelin Challenge Design. While electric cars and other eco-friendly vehicles are now made not to discharge any pollutants into the air, air pollution still remains. What the Vieria adds into the mix is help clean the air by fitting the concept car with an air filter that sucks in polluted air and filters, cleans and then releases it.

The Vieria Concept Car does provide a unique alternative to cleaning up the polluted air aside from not contributing any pollutants into it. Just imagine how thousands of these being driven in roads and cleaning up the air along the way. Cities may then be able to enjoy cleaner air the more Vierias there will be in the future. It truly is a wonderful concept of a car that may be worth making.

Image Source: Michelin Challenge Design

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