Victor JVC Urban Sweet HA-SP70 Headphones

Some gadgets are not always designed for function alone. Beauty and form also are considered to make it more attractive. Even common devices such as headphones today are being treated as a fashion accessory with many striking designs aimed to make people who use them look cool. And even headphones are also being designed to appeal to genders such as the new Victor JVC Urban Sweet Headphones.

The Victor JVC Urban Sweet HA-SP70 Headphones is specifically designed with the woman in mind. It is designed for female use by featuring a “Kira Kira” design with each housing case covered with a colorful crystal or diamond shape cover on each ear. Its specs include 106dB/mW sensitivity, 32 Ohms Impedance, and a response range of 14Hz to 23,000Hz. The new Victor JVC Urban Sweet Headphones is set to be available sometime this year. But it is currently available for pre-orders at GeekStuff4U and costs around 5,980 Japanese Yen or around US$70.

Image Source: Victor JVC

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