Viber Desktop Version Launched

While many messaging apps claim they are multi-platform, they do not seem to have a version for desktop computers. Viber, which has been right on the heels of WhatsApp, may have just a one-up it needs to gain more users as it launched its messaging client for PC and Mac (with Linux coming soon).

Introducing a desktop version when the rest of the messaging apps solely focused on mobile might just give Viber an edge in this very competitive market, all while fostering the true meaning of multi-platform. Viber currently has over 200 million registered users, but it does not say how many of them are active users.

The PC and Mac version fits right in for users who are used to the likes of Skype, Messages for Mac, or any other desktop-based messaging service. Viber for desktop can be used for sending SMS, voice calls, and video chats (which only works from desktop-to-desktop, for now).

Apart from the desktop releases, Viber also updated its mobile app with some new features like video messages, new stickers, and last online status among others. The mobile version syncs with its desktop counterpart and users can also push their calls from desktop to mobile in a single tap, thus allowing users to continue the conversation if they have to leave the house.

The desktop version of Viber sounds like a good idea to me. Your move, WhatsApp.

Source: Blonde 20 for Viber, via Techspot

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