Vibe Body Sound Bone Conduction Headphones

Vibe Body Sound Bone Conduction Headphones

Remember the last time when your friend hit you in the head because you doesn’t seem to care? Well, because your attention was fixated to something else and it is literally blocking your outside world.

While privately listening to music using your headphones has always been the most soothing experience imaginable, trapping yourself from the sound of the world can lead you not only to misunderstanding among friends but also to dangers of encountering accidents. Imagine yourself singing into the tune of Beyonce’s "Irreplaceable" without knowing that a big truck’s horn is warning you that it might hit you.

It’s always a good factor not to miss with what’s happening to your surrounding while enjoying your favorite music. The Vibe Body Sound Headphones made this possible by making you listen through your bones. Clip on the headphones on to your outer ear and conduct vibrations through your skin and cartilage. Those vibrations rumble through your skull directly to the inner ear. The ear canal remains uncovered, still allowing environmental sounds and conversations clearly.

It has three effective volume or vibration levels: low, medium and tectonic. It is priced very reasonably, at only $99.99, a great help away from the dangers of being temporarily deaf caused by your ordinary headphones.


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