Vestal ZR3008 Chronograph Stripped Down to Bare Essentials

Vestal ZR3008 Chronograph

Watchmaker Vestal comes up with a new chronograph in its ZR3 series.  The ZR3008 is made from stainless steel case and has a three-link band that is 24mm wide.  What sets it apart from other chrono watches is that its numbers and any other demarcations were stripped off, leaving a bare face.

Although a bare-faced watch looks good in an aesthetic point of view, it is a different case when it comes to chronographs.  How can the user then accurately determine how many minutes and seconds its stopwatch has elapsed?

But as we said, the Vestal ZR3008 looks good as a wristwatch.  Just trust your guessing skills when using the stopwatch.  This product, which also comes in black, is now available for pre-order for US$279.

Image source:  Vestal, via Watchismo

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