Verizon Works with Google on New Tablet

Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam has said that the company is working with Google on a tablet computer, which they hope would compete with iPad.

Details are sparse as of the moment as Verizon declined to discuss the timing or the manufacturer of such a tablet, as well as Google’s role on the device. Both Google and Verizon declined to comment about it.

Meanwhile, an interview with Verizon’s VP of corporate communications Marquette Smith has revealed that the new tablet is said to be Android-based.

Not only is Verizon targeting the iPad with this new tablet, but also its host—long-time rival AT&T, which also hosts the Kindle.

Smith has promised that more details about the Verizon tablet will be released within the week.

Source: Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, via Engadget

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